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Introduction Box
Introduction Box
Introduction Box
Introduction Box
Introduction Box

Introduction Box

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Description: Are you exploring plant-based diet? Or looking to introduce someone to vegan lifestyle? Then this box is perfect for just that - an easy first step towards a healthier and a more compassionate way of life. 

What's special: The perfect kadak chai that you can boil, a strong coffee that doesn’t split, lip smacking dairy-free chocolates, sweet & savory nut butters for heart health, and more. This protein and calcium optimised box easily blends into our palettes as well as our habits.

What’s in the box:
1. 200ml PlantCa Almond milk

2. 200ml PlantCa Cashew milk

3. 15g mini-Chocolates x 3 variants (Butter-Crunch, Elaichi & Cashew-Berry)

4. 100g Cashew Butter with Rosemary & Paprika

5. 100g Oat-Berry Cookies

6. 150g NutSeeds Muesli  

Clean Nutrition: No Cholesterol, No Preservatives, No Maida, No Lactose, No Hormones, No Honey, No GMO and No Cruelty.

No Cholesterol
No Preservatives
No Dairy & Lactose
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People Often Ask

Yes! Not only the chocolates, but all VeganDay products are completely 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

Great news! It won’t. You can boil it without a worry, just like one can do with regular milk. Go ahead and make kadak chai and strong coffee, the way you like!

You can have it with your breads, or even healthy papads and khakras. You can also drizzle it over salad or use it as a creamer for savoury dishes. Some of our customer enjoy it directly out of the box too :-).

All our products are maida-free, dairy-free and rich in fiber. This means that gradually introducing them in your daily diet should be completely safe. But if you have any specific allergies, we recommend you to check with your doctor before changing your diet.

Correct! We ship all over India. Mumbai orders usually get delivered the next day. Orders from other cities currently take 5-7 days to be delivered.

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