Mini Chocolates - 15g (Pack of 9)

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Mini Chocolates - 15g (Pack of 9)
Mini Chocolates - 15g (Pack of 9)
Mini Chocolates - 15g (Pack of 9)
Mini Chocolates - 15g (Pack of 9)

Mini Chocolates - 15g (Pack of 9)

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Vegan Chocolates: Vegan chocolates need not be all dark and bitter. When we can have amazing alternatives to milk, why not have amazing chocolates made with non-dairy ingredients? Well, these are just that! 

Blissful Bites: Cocoa beans, well-roasted, stone-ground, and tempered to perfection, provide these chocolates with the ideal snap and a melt-in-your-mouth sensation. They are undeniably indulgent!

Dessert with Benefits: While each bite tempts you to take the next, don't fret. Cocoa is known to be an exceptional source of antioxidants and aids in improving good cholesterol levels.

100% Clean: No preservatives, no cholesterol, no palm oil, no stabiizers, no emulsifiers. 

Shelf-life: 7 months from date of manufacture. 

No Preservatives
No Cholesterol
No Dairy & Lactose
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Saloni Garg
Finally some good vegan chocolates 🤌🏻

Chocolates were my absolute weakness and were the hardest to quit (not counting whey rn) but these are absolute replacements for the dairy ones, being vegan will be easy trust me.

Rumjhum Gupta
Milk chocolates that taste same as dairy ones

I have been vegan since a long time and as a chocolate lover have been disappointed by the lack of vegan milk chocolates. I was happy to find the taste of veganday's chocolates were not only milky but also was reminiscent to a childhood favorite Hershey! Indulgent and quite reasonably priced as well. Would make a great gift for vegans and non vegans.

Supriya Sekhar
Delectable chocolates 😍

Amazing taste! I ordered the butter crunch pack of 9. Delivered the assorted one by mistake . However, they Immediately rectified the error and sent me 6 extra butter crunch.
All 3 flavors are great. Liked Butter crunch the best, followed by Cashew berry and elaichi.
I got to taste the elaichi and cashew berry flavors and I must admit, they were pretty delicious... Even though I was skeptical of the cardamom one...they put just the right amount so it tasted good.
Glad to have found delicious vegan chocolates at last!

Would like to see different sizing options for the same soon. Like an entire chocolate bar for chocoholics like me😊

People Often Ask

To replicate the rich and creamy texture of regular milk chocolates, a blend of cashews and oats is used resulting in a velvety mouthfeel.

Chocolate has a great shelf life and can be reset very easily. So just put it in the fridge for 30 mins or so and it should be fine. It may not have the same shape but it will still taste as good.

We may launch more flavours and bigger (& cheaper) sizes depending on how many people want it.

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