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Veganday PlantCa Protein gives 41% daily protein, 53% daily calcium and 15 vitamins and minerals.
PlantCa Protein is great for a healthy lifestyle. It does not contain refined sugars, preservatives, gluten, soy or GMO.
PlantCa Protein has 22g protein, 7g BCAA and glutamine per 30g serve. Easy to digest, quick absorption and enhanced muscle recovery.
Veganday PlantCa Doodh Nutrition Facts per 200ml. 0 cholesterol. Good for heart. Non-GMO, Zero sugar, Zero preservatives. Gluten-free.
Veganday PlantCa Protein directions for use.
Veganday PlantCa Protein list of ingredients.
Veganday PlantCa Protein is 100% plant based, and is made from pea proteins and brown rice proteins.
PlantCa Protein (Pouch, Jar)
PlantCa Protein (Pouch, Jar)

PlantCa Protein (Pouch, Jar)

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Description: With every serve, this covers your 41% of daily Protein, 53% of daily Calcium & 85% of daily B12 requirements. It also packs essential vitamins & minerals so that you do not have to worry about any nutritional deficiencies on a plant based diet.

Superior Strength: This contains 22 grams of protein (Pea Protein Isolate + Rice Protein Isolate) in every serve, helping your body in building lean muscle and improving endurance. BCAAs help muscle recovery and repair damaged tissues.

Gut Friendly Choice: PlantCa Protein contains a digestive enzyme blend of Papain and Bromelain (from Pineapples and Papayas), to enable quicker breakdown of proteins. This results in better gut health and efficient digestion, ideal for sensitive stomachs.

Clean Protein: No Cholesterol, No Preservatives, No Added Sugar, No GMO, No Gluten, No Hormones, No Lactose and No Cruelty.

How to consume: Add 1 scoop (30g) of PlantCa protein to 250ml water, PlantCa dairy-alternative or smoothie of your choice. Stir or blend, until the powder mixes well. Store in a cool & dry place, out of children’s reach.

60g Pouch, 2 servings of 30g, each containing 22g Protein.
4 x 60g Pouches, 8 servings of 30g, each containing 22g Protein.
500g Jar, approx. 17 servings of 30g, each containing 22g Protein.

No Preservatives
No Cholesterol
No Refined Sugar
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Aanchal Jain
Good taste

The chocolate protein was sweet and I liked the taste. 4 stars because the protein settled at the bottom but I am not sure it's because of mixability or whether my helper mixed it improperly.

People Often Ask

We have added fruit enzymes that aid protein digestion to make it easy on the gut. Along with that, we use very high quality isolate proteins that are easier to digest than dairy based proteins like whey and casein.

We have enriched the protein powder with vitamins and minerals because when people shift to a plant-based diet, they tend to miss out on certain nutrients if they are not having a balanced diet. To make sure you cover a good chunk of your daily vitamin and mineral requirement, we added them to the protein.

If you have a sedentary lifestyle and do not eat foods that are good sources of protein, you could try a plant protein powder to make sure you get enough. If you have a protein rich diet, then you may not need additional protein supplementation.

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