How To Make Vegan Kheer At Home

For those yearning for a taste of kheer but hesitating due to its milk-based origins, your moment has arrived! Get ready to dive into a world of plant-based delight with our Vegan Rice Kheer. This healthier rendition retains all the creaminess and deliciousness you crave but without the dairy baggage. It's light, it's creamy, and it's an invitation to indulge guilt-free in a dessert that promises to satisfy every sweet craving. Let's whip up a bowl of magic that's not just delicious but also kind to your well-being, animals and the planet! 🌱✨

Ingredients (8-10 servings)

  • Uncooked rice - 1/4 cup (soak for 30 mins before use)
  • Shakkar / Unrefined Sugar / Khand - 1/2 cup (adjust to taste)
  • PlantCa Milk (Almond or Cashew) - 4 cups

Flavour & Aroma Ingredients:

  • Saffron - 7-10 strands
  • Broken & roasted almonds, cashews & pistachios - around 10-15 each
  • Raisins - 20-25
  • Cardamom Powder - 1/2-1 tsp

Cooking Instructions:

  1. Heat 4 cups of PlantCa Milk in a pan until it boils, then reduce the flame.
  2. Mix saffron in a small bowl with 2-3 spoons of milk and set aside.
  3. Add soaked rice to the pan after removing water.
  4. Stir to prevent sticking, allowing the mixture to thicken.
  5. Add sugar once the rice softens slightly; stir well.
  6. Add cardamom powder, raisins, 80% of chopped nuts, and saffron.
  7. Continue cooking until rice and milk are fully cooked.
  8. Garnish with remaining nuts and saffron strands on top.

Tip: If the kheer is too thick, add hot water to achieve your desired consistency.

Serving Suggestion: Enjoy this guilt-free, dairy-free delight hot or cold—a treat that indulges your sweet tooth while embracing the goodness of plant-based living! 🌱✨

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