Karma 1O1

When we, as humans, breakup with the nature, it gets furious. It’s fury is currently manifesting in the form of pandemics, forest fires, floods, landslides, heat waves and the like.

Here in India too, due to ,we are the largest milk producers (and within the top 5 beef exporters) of the world.

As we run out of time, we have no option but to patch things up with the nature. But what is the one habit in our control, that can positively impact climate change, animal welfare as well as human health?

It’s what us, the consumer, decides to put on our tables. It’s the choice between PLANT BASED FOODS or ANIMAL BASED FOODS.

70%+ Indians are estimated to be lactose intolerant. And majority of the milk sold in India is adulterated with urea, paint etc.

Thats why, VEGANDAY HAS KICKED OFF WITH DAIRY ALTERNATIVES to give the cows some respite, while also solving for high lactose intolerance and rampant milk adulteration in India.

We also understood that even if the reasons to turn vegan are compelling, changing decades of habits overnight can be difficult for most of us.

So we thought why not start with a ONE DAY AT A TIME

approach to get people to try our delicious options, without having to worry about nutrition. And over time, get them to replace more and more animal products :-)