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Milk with good nutrition, for daily use

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Priya Bansal
Marketing Manager, Mumbai
An absolute recommendation if you love coffee and are looking for plant based milk. I started off with oat milk but switched to PlantCa, which has a creamy, smooth texture and gives a cafe-like feel.
Animesh Jain
Businessman, Jaipur
As a Jain, I was brought up as a vegetarian. Once I discovered the cruelty involved in dairy products, my inclination towards jeevdaya kept bugging me to atleast try plant-based alternatives. Finally, VeganDay’s one-day solutions came to my rescue :-)
Preesha Kothari
Student, Mumbai
For ethical reasons, I needed a milk alternative that wouldn't mess up my daily coffee, and PlantCa was the clear winner. It has a neutral and non-interfering taste, so I can still enjoy my fave drink without any guilt.
Ketan Kapuria
Consultant, Bengaluru
I’m using PlantCa protein to build muscle. It's delicious, has tons of calcium and is loaded with essential vitamins. Inspired by "Game Changers" (the Netflix show), which made me aware of top athletes switching to a plant-based diet across the world.
Shikha Mishra
Design Engineer, Delhi
I’ve been trying to switch to Veganism for years but substituting milk was tough. After trying many options, I settled with Oat milk. But it was imported, i.e. with higher carbon footprint. This was before I tried PlantCa by Vegan Day! I loved everything about it - taste, texture, forth, made in India & lighter on my pocket.