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How To Make Creamy & Thick Vegan Yogurt | Peanut Curd Recipe

Craving the rich creaminess of curd without the dairy? Your wish is our command! Get ready for a delightful journey into the world of Vegan Peanut Curd—a healthier, dairy-free alternative that doesn't compromise on taste. Light, creamy, and utterly delicious, this curd is a game-changer for your taste buds and your well-being. Let's whip up this dairy-free magic that promises to add a dollop of joy to your meals! 🥜✨ Ingredients (4-5 servings) 1 cup peanuts 2 cups of water 5-7 green chilly tops OR 2 capsules of vegan lactobacillus OR 3-4 tbsp curd starter Cooking Instructions: Soak peanuts in water overnight. Drain the water and transfer soaked peanuts to a mixer jar. Add 1.5 cups of water and blend....

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How To Make Vegan Kheer At Home

For those yearning for a taste of kheer but hesitating due to its milk-based origins, your moment has arrived! Get ready to dive into a world of plant-based delight with our Vegan Rice Kheer. This healthier rendition retains all the creaminess and deliciousness you crave but without the dairy baggage. It's light, it's creamy, and it's an invitation to indulge guilt-free in a dessert that promises to satisfy every sweet craving. Let's whip up a bowl of magic that's not just delicious but also kind to your well-being, animals and the planet! 🌱✨ Ingredients (8-10 servings) Uncooked rice - 1/4 cup (soak for 30 mins before use) Shakkar / Unrefined Sugar / Khand - 1/2 cup (adjust to taste) PlantCa...

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