Protein, Calcium and B12:
Do I get enough protein when trying my Vegan Day?
While curating our boxes, we chose a higher protein option for each of the products that went inside the box. This was done to ensure that you get sufficient protein for a ‘moderate’ activity day. In addition, there’s an option to add 44g of yummy protein powder, for those of you who’re on a higher protein diet.
What about vitamins & minerals?
We’ve fortified all of our plant based substitutes (milk and protein powder) with Calcium, therefore the name PlantCa = Plant + Calcium. In addition, we’ve added essential vitamins and minerals in our PlantCa Protein powder like Vitamin B12 (85% RDA) and D2 (75% RDA), so you don’t have to worry about developing any nutritional deficiencies. But in case you already have a particular deficiency, we recommend you consult your doctor before changing your diet.
Do I need to worry about any allergens?
All of our products are free from lactose (60% Indians suffer from varying levels of lactose intolerance) and animal hormones (that often results in thyroid issues, PCOS and acne). Some of our products contain Gluten (approximately 1% of world’s population is estimated to have celiac disease). Some products contain soy or nuts. Please check our ingredients list for more details. 
Why are top athletes in the world turning vegan?
Over the last few years, top athletes have discovered that plant based diets can really boost their performance. Irrespective of the type of sport they’ve championed (soccer, tennis, weight-lifting, formula 1 racing, surfing, marathons etc.), they’ve observed massive improvement in their abilities. We recommend you watch the documentary called ‘Game Changers’ or ‘What the Health’ for more insights on this topic.
Product details:
How healthy are your products?
We’ve kept-out preservatives, cholesterol, adulterants, lactose, antibiotics, animal hormones, refined sugar, and refined flour (maida) from our products. And we’ve kept-in plant based, protein dense and fiber rich ingredients that work well with the Indian palate.
How do your products taste?
While creating each dairy-substitute product (milk, protein powder, cookies etc.), we did extensive research to achieve high taste overlap with its dairy-based counterpart. For e.g., our milk-substitute went through 100+ trials to ensure that it doesn’t interfere with your teas and coffees.
How big are the portion sizes?
Our each product is designed to be more than enough for two adults for one serving, be it for breakfast, lunch or snacking. In case you’re ordering for just one person, you can consume it across multiple days.
Are your products Jain friendly?
Yes. All our products are vegan as well as Jain friendly. No root vegetables and no figs.
Orders & gifts:
How long does it take to receive the order?
Our products typically ship the next day and take 2-4 days to reach you, based on where you’re located. Soon enough, we hope to be able to offer same day deliveries.
What’s your cancellation and refund policy?
To cancel, please send an email to our team at support@veganday.in within 1 hour of ordering. Orders, once dispatched, cannot be cancelled.Since these are consumables, we don’t have the options for return or exchange of orders. But in case you find the products to be tampered, damaged or spoilt, please send an email to support@veganday.in with product pictures. Once our team confirms the issue with you, we will process 100% refund.
I am inclined to minimise cruelty, but its difficult to be 100% vegan yet..
Upon agreeing that any form of avoidable cruelty should be minimised, we think half the battle is already won. To gradually ease into removing more animal products from your diet, you can try being vegan on specific days of the week or month (e.g. at least one day a week or 5 days in a month). To make it easier for you, we’ve added the weekly, fortnightly and monthly subscription options.
How can I inspire my friends to try vegan lifestyle?
Most of your friends and family may agree on avoiding animal cruelty, but will worry about taste, nutrition and price when considering veganism. Firstly, you should share all the info on why Veganism is good for animals, environment and their own health.In case they’re still hesitant, you can consider gifting them a “Vegan Day” experience-box, to overcome their fear of commitment to a new lifestyle. Once they have a positive experience, the likelihood of them becoming vegan in the future would increase.
About VeganDay:
Why does VeganDay exist?
Veganday is a journey from trying vegan for one day, to becoming vegan everyday. We believe that sudden change is hard for most people, especially for decade old habits. Since each person has a different journey based on his or her constraints, VeganDay is a concept designed to make their first step easier.
What’s the impact of PlantCa on the planet?
With every liter of PlantCa’s doodh, that substitutes your regular milk, you help the bovines (cows & buffaloes) with ~2hrs of freedom. On top of that, this milk substitute saves 15km+ of car emissions as well as 10+ buckets of water. Please check out our Instagram, or PlantCa tetrapak, for detailed explanation of these numbers.
Is ‘vegan’ a western concept?
Though the word ‘vegan’ was coined in 1940s in the west, but its roots lie in the word ‘Ahimsa’, which is very much Indian. This principle is not just limited to not hurting others, but extends to respecting each life form. And this principe is behind India having the biggest percentage of vegetarians in the world today, behind many Indians worshipping various animals seated beside the Gods, and a key factor behind India’s successful struggle for independence.
Where are the meat alternatives?
We’ve started with dairy substitutes since it cuts across ages, regions and cultures. It also puts tremendous pressure on the bovines (India is the largest producer of milk and in the top 5 largest exporters of beef). And since the founders were born and brought up as vegetarians, they have little understanding of the meat-alternatives today.