Oat-Berry Cookies (No Refined Sugar) | High Protein & Vegan

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Veganday Oat-Berry Cookies. With oats, cranberries, omega-3 fats. High protein snack. No refined sugar, cholesterol, preservatives. Net weight 100g.
Veganday oat-berry cookies are great with coffees and as a mid-day protein snack.
Oat-berry cookies. High protein snack. With Oats & cranberries, omega-3 fatty acids. No refined sugar, cholesterol, preservatives.
Veganday Oat-Berry Cookies Nutrition Facts per 100g - 482.5 calories, 12.8g protein, 61.5 carbs, 20.6g fat.
Oat-berry cookies with Veganday's PlantCa plant milk coffee.

Oat-Berry Cookies

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Description: Who said vegan cookies can’t be yummy? Savor the premium and delicious oat & cranberry cookies, devoid of preservatives, cholesterol and refined sugar.

High Nutrition Snacking: Bursting with fiber, antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids, these high protein cookies are a smart and scrumptious choice for any occasion.

Clean Ingredients: No dairy, No preservatives, No refined sugar, No cholesterol, No GMO & No Cruelty.

How to Consume: Snack directly, or with your VeganDay PlantCa cappucino. Please keep the bottle tightly closed, to avoid moisture seeping in.

Quantity: 100g in total, resulting in 4 adult servings of 25g each.

No Preservatives
No Cholesterol
No Refined Sugar
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Rumjhum Gupta
Delicious and healthy tea time snack!

I really like cookies but wanted something healthier I can have as a snack. This turned out to be tasty, perfectly crumbly and surprisingly buttery! It also has a texture similar to biscotti. The berries are my favorite part, would love if there were more berries. Good paired with tea and coffee as well. Ingredients are nutritious and filling.

Aanchal Jain
Delightful Cookies

I really liked the taste and I think the ingredient were clean. The only improvement I could suggest is not for the cookies but for the container as I had a slight issue in taking out the first cookie.

Rich & lovely in taste

Cookies are rich & lovely in taste..
After eating 2 cookies, my tummy was full.. So very good choice if we are travelling or outing somewhere to carry and eat

guilt-free treat

they're free from refined sugar, cholesterol, and preservatives makes them a perfect choice for a healthier snack. The natural sweetness from the berries and the heart-healthy oats create a nice combination. You guys can try adding some nuts or seeds for extra crunch and nutrition ..

Tyag Murti Sharma
Good healthy snack!

These cookies are much better than the ones I used to have. I have started keeping these at my office as my go to snack...

People Often Ask

There is NO maida in the cookies. We don't use any filler ingredients like maltodextrin or starches in our cookies as well.

There is ZERO refined sugar in the cookies. Instead of sugar, we use jaggery to give the cookies a mild sweetness.

We ship all over India. Mumbai orders usually get delivered the next day. Orders from other cities may take 5-7 days to be delivered.

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